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Robotics & Automation

Con-Vey’s robotic systems are playing a major role in optimizing production processes in high-quality manufacturing.

Con-Vey is an experienced robotic integrator. We provide complete robotic solutions including design, modeling, simulation for movement and time studies, tooling, programming, service, and support. Our robotic automation systems are efficiency-enhancing, cost-reducing tools that are necessary to maintain a competitive advantage.

As an ABB Value Provider, you can expect that Con-Vey is fully capable of providing an automated system with quality, performance, and durability. Con-Vey is committed to Rockwell Automation technologies for the high-quality, innovative solutions their technologies add to our systems. We are also Official Systems Partner with Kuka Robotics Corp. and a Preferred Integrator of Kawasaki Robotics, Inc.

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4 Axis Robots

6 Axis Robots


External Axis

An external axis, or 7th axis, can be added to our robot systems to provide flexibility and increase value. Driven by a servo motor compatible with the robot controller we can manipulate the position of the robot base. Adding the mobility of an external axis will enlarge the effective working area and allow the robot to be even more productive.

ABB External 7 Axis