Bulk Handling

Con-Vey provides bulk handling and biomass conveyors for a variety of materials.

With nearly 75 years of experience designing and manufacturing bulk material handling conveyors and storage systems, Con-Vey is a proven partner and able to customize and meet unique specification. Whether your product is wood fiber, bark, biomass products, agricultural materials, aggregates, minerals, waste, or recycled products, we have a solution to meet your needs.

Some of the heavy industrial equipment that Con-Vey custom engineers and manufactures includes:

> Totally Enclosed Tube Belt Conveyors
> Chainways and Transfers
> Drag Chain and Box Chain Conveyors
> Wide Belt Bulk Conveyors
> Waste Beltways
> Log Conveyors
> Vibrating Conveyors
> Incline and Decline Conveyors
> Storage Bins and Silos
> Transitions and Gates
> Feeding Bins
> Discharge Chutes
> Walkways, Platforms
> Service Ladders and Stairs

Con-Vey specializes in totally enclosed TBCs (tube belt conveyors) along with vibrating belts, drag chain, and box chain conveyors. Our equipment can be engineered to incorporate a variety of options such as: chutes, diverters, and storage.

We also analyze systems for upgrades to improve efficiency and reliability on your existing equipment. Our conveyors can be retrofitted with any manufacturer’s equipment.

For more examples of bulk handling equipment and complete systems made by Con-Vey, contact us today or email our Bulk Handling Product Manager, Camren May, at camren.may@con-vey.com.

  • An enclosed tube belt conveyor (TBC) as part of a cogeneration fuel system.
  • Fuel Handling tube belt conveyor (TBC) made for handling bulk materials.
  • Bark conveying and storage belt conveyor system for bulk handling made by Con-Vey.
  • Pictured is an example of Con-Vey Bulk Handling equipment. Bark conveying and storage belt conveyor system.
  • Shredder in-feed conveyor for handling recycled paper bales.