Fiber Panels

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Con-Vey is a leading supplier of material handling equipment for fiber based panels. From Particle Board to Medium Density Fiberboard (MDF) to High Density Fiberboard products, Con-Vey can provide a complete solution.

Our focus is on the processes after the press. Taking the master panels and sizing, grading, sanding, and stacking it into a finished product is where our expertise shines.

>  Press Infeeds/Outfeeds
>  Finishing Lines
>  Panel Coolers
>  Sawlines
>  Sanding Lines
>  Master Panel Automated Storage
>  Feeders/Unstackers
>  Conveyors (chain, roll, belt)
>  Stackers
>  Grading Stations
>  Turners
>  Grade Lines
>  Specialty Lines
>  Laminating Lines
>  Packaging Equipment
>  Automatic Strappers
>  Paint and Stencil
>  Unit Turners
>  Shufflers