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For over 68 years Con-Vey has been producing high quality, high speed lumber handling equipment. We specialize in high speed planer lines.

Con-Vey holds the original patent for the Continuous Breakdown Hoist for high speed feeding of lumber. From tilt hoists to sawing and stacking, come to Con-Vey for quality and dependable lumber equipment and designs.

>  High Speed Planer Systems
>  Continuous Break Down Hoist (Patented)
>  Tilt Hoists
>  Conveyors/Transfers
>  Tipples/Gates
>  Slow Down Belts
>  Landing Tables
>  PET Trim Saws
>  Re-man and Finger Jointing
>  Hula Saws
>  Stackers
>  End Press
>  Packaging
>  Strapping
>  Stencil/Logo
>  End Paint/Seal
>  Log Decks and Conveyors
>  Bark and Waste Conveyors
>  Log Truck Unwrap Stations