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OSB was introduced into the wood product market in the late 70’s and Con-Vey’s expertise in plywood manufacturing equipment made for a natural progression. Since then we have provided quality and dependable equipment for some of the largest producers of OSB.

Our team can design completely new production lines using the latest technology available, or help you analyze potential upgrades to existing processes.

> Stackers
> Automatic Feeders/Unstackers
> Conveyors (chain, roll, belt)
> Grading Stations
> Turners
> Grade Lines
> Press Outfeed
> Sawlines
> Sanding Lines
> Specialty Lines
> Laminating Lines
> Patch Lines
> T&G Lines
> Finishing Lines
> Packaging Equipment
> Automatic Strappers
> Paint and Stencil
> Unit Turners
> Shufflers