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The backbone of our business is providing material handling and processing equipment for plywood panels. With our knowledgeable, innovative, and skilled team of engineers and manufacturers, we build new systems or upgrade existing ones for Siding, HDO/MDO, Softwood Plywood, and Hardwood Plywood.

Let our skilled team of professionals design and build you a custom automated system that adds value to your new or existing process. Our in-house staff of electrical and mechanical engineers have the experience and knowledge to construct the tools you need for success. Whether it is a fully automated arrangement, a single work center, an Automatic Guided Vehicle (AGV) system, or a modification of existing controls, we can deliver a value-driven solution with the ability to adapt to your shifting production requirements.

>  Stackers
>  Automatic Feeders/Unstackers
>  Conveyors (chain, roll, belt)
>  Grading stations
>  Turners
>  Grade lines
>  Press Outfeed
>  Sawlines
>  Sanding Lines
>  Specialty lines
>  Laminating lines
>  Patch Lines/Panel Repair
>  T&G Lines
>  Finishing Lines
>  Layup Lines
>  Packaging Equipment
>  Automatic Strappers
>  Paint and Stencil
>  Unit Turners
>  Shufflers