• metal parts in Con-Vey's Roseburg, Oregon machine and fabrication shop.
  • parts-slider-drum
  • chains on a rack in Con-Vey's parts and service shop area in Roseburg, Oregon.
  • parts-slider-motor-sheave
  • roll chain parts in a conveyor being manufactured and assembled at Con-Vey fabrication shop in Roseburg, Oregon.


Con-Vey’s Parts division stocks and custom manufactures replacement parts for all of the equipment we sell and most others.

When your equipment breaks down or stops working as it should, contact Con-Vey for replacement parts instead of buying completely new equipment. Our in-house Machining and Custom Fabrication divisions have the capabilities to replace, re-engineer, or customize any part all from our headquarters facility in Roseburg, Oregon. For fast turn around—in most cases within 24 hours—call about our Breakdown Service.

For Parts Sales, email parts@con-vey.com or call (541) 672-5506.


Sprockets, Sheaves, Pulleys

sprockets parts in Con-Vey's Roseburg, Oregon shop.

Con-Vey can custom machine sprockets, pulleys, and other common parts. We have fast turn around and breakdown service available. Call to discuss your needs.

Press Racks

press racks on table next to a CNC machine in Con-Vey's Roseburg, Oregon machine shop.
Con-Vey custom manufactures gear racks for most Panel Loaders, Unloaders, and Presses. Call to discuss your application.

Lathe Chucks

lathe chuck part made in the Con-Vey machine shop in Roseburg.
Con-Vey supplies high quality Veneer Lathe Chucks, also know as “Con-Vey Charlies.” We can provide weld-on ends or screw-on chucks. Some require custom threading, which we can accommodate. Con-Vey Charlies are durable, high speed, and easily replaceable. Call for pricing.

Router Guards

router guard parts made in Con-Vey's machine shop in Roseburg, Oregon.

Plywood Poly Line router guards are a heavy duty Con-Vey design to make routers for plywood trimming safer. These guards are virtually indestructible, yet lightweight for daily use. Call for pricing.

Vacuum Cups

Vacuum cup parts that Con-Vey sells from their machine, fabrication, and office shop space in Roseburg, Oregon.

Con-Vey has standard size vacuum cup rings in stock. We can manufacture new cup plates to convert your old equipment over to the Con-Vey design. Call for pricing.