4 Axis (Palletizing) Robots

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The 4-Axis robot arms are ideal for simple pick and place applications, as well as parts handling or precision assembly; this style of robot’s primary function is stacking or un-stacking materials. Con-Vey can engineer a custom solution for your application with the flexibility you need to compete in our world’s ever-changing economy. Ranging from 80 lbs to over a one-ton of payload capacity, we have the robot that is right for the job. We can also pair a robot with our custom designed End of Arm Tooling (EOAT) which allows our systems to handle boards, boxes, bags, cases, bottles, kegs, frozen foods, and more. EOATs allow us to provide the most efficient and effective handling for your company’s product.

Con-Vey Automation Systems reduce cost and safety hazards while increasing productivity with a streamlined design by our experienced engineers and fabricators.

Bag Palletizing
>  Case Palletizing
>  Consumer Product handling
>  Machine Tending
>  Full layer De-palletizing
>  Pallet Handling
>  Precision Component Handling
>  Heavy Load Handling